Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our new venture

Cheryl and I are really excited about our new venture and want to share it with you. We have just leased the space next to the famed Cypress Inn in Carmel.

We will be located on 7th Avenue between Dolores and Lincoln. Our studio is located on the left just past the Cypress Inn patio.

We have a wonderful courtyard and retail space.

We are also just half a block from the Church of the Wayfarer, located at Lincoln and 7th Avenue.

Our new name will be Twigery...Michael Merritt Designs.

We had always planned to do flowers in Carmel, but thought we would do freelance. However, this space became available, and we could not pass it up. We are working on the inside and look forward to opening in July. We will let you know the progress and when the opening date will be.

Off to work…hi, ho, hi, ho…………..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gardens in Carmel

Taking walks throughout the streets of Carmel is like being a kid in a candy store for someone who loves a gorgeous garden. Cheryl and I walk regularly for exercise and are amazed at the incredibly beautiful gardens that we are privileged to stroll by.

I share with you some of the incredible and outstanding gardens we have seen so far. We wonder if the owners of these gardens realize what treasures they actually possess!(Click on the images for larger views.)

Click for larger image

Carmel at its finest!

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Another view

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Just have to take a whiff!

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A close-up of what my nose enjoyed!

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One more angle

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What color!

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Angles of perfection

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I just love this tree with its great color!

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The side street color - what a treat!

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How peaceful....

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I love this sign....

Each street offers wonderful color and design. There are no two gardens alike, so each walk becomes an adventure and an escapade.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is Artistry?

I recently attended the 20th anniversary show in Carmel of internationally acclaimed sculptor Richard McDonald’s recent works including a new series inspired by “O” of Cirque du Soleil. Richard McDonald’s work is extraordinary and exhilarating in the detail he displays in each piece he creates. His artistry is exemplary beyond compare.

Richard and I discussing his new pieces

Recently I had the privilege to visit an exceptional and beautiful garden in Pebble Beach. It is outstanding beyond compare.

In this setting, you ask what is artistry? Or the question may become where is the artistry?

The beauty of the flowers displayed and growing in this setting depicts beautiful color and extraordinary design.

The artistry is in the overall setting and the incredible display of color with the variety of flowers in this environment.

These are two different mediums illustrating artistry.

Standing with my floral art at the MacDonald reception

Whatever medium an artist uses, his love and passion for his work is embroiled in his creation. Both created by “man” using different media. So I ask you, what is artistry?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring is here - so is the wedding season

Spring is here and so is the wedding season. Actually, wedding season is anytime during the year. However, spring seems to be the beginning of an era with the blossoms and bulbs making their appearance.

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Love abounds and living in Carmel feels like romance is everywhere from the people to the beauty of the scenery and the flowers in the beautiful gardens.

Click for larger imageClick for larger image

Flowers for a wedding take on a whole arena that needs to be addressed from the perspective of the bride and groom’s viewpoint. When talking to a bride I always recommend that she look at pictures of bridal bouquets in the magazines to decide what she likes and dislikes. Visual displays are so helpful in determining what one likes.

I suggest that a bride may like something from one picture and want to incorporate something else she sees from another. That is all possible. The final outcome is to create a personalized bouquet that reflects the bride’s taste and vision. As a designer I have the ability to design the image in a bride’s mind.

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Deciding what flowers to use in a wedding should be determined by what flowers you love and reflect your taste. Your wedding dress will also help determine the style of bouquet that looks best. Flowers are an accent, not the main event. The main event of a wedding is the bride and groom. Our job as floral designers is to compliment and highlight your event.

If I can help assist you in flowers for your wedding, please email me at